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An Imperial Distraction


By Brian Felber, Chula Vista, CA

One of the definitions of “imperial” is something of superior or unusual excellence. While Imperial Beach (IB) is no La Jolla or Laguna Beach, for its size, it really is an excellent place to visit. It’s much less expensive than nearby Coronado or La Jolla and is a great drive-to destination, especially for that inland of San Diego and into Arizona and New Mexico wanting to beat the desert heat...

Travel Story

By Larry and Royanne Schissel Memorable times in our our travels as seniors – so many! Recovering from knee replacement surgery x 2 for recovery and PT, special Thanksgiving and Christmas times, honeymoon gifts, and grandson’s graduation but the very special time was...

Trust Fund Pledges $200,000 to present Free Performances for Older Adults

over 1,000 Free, Live and Age-Friendly Musical Performances for Older AdultsNEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The recording industry's Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) announced.

How to fight travel fees this holiday season

says Vladimir Gendelman, the CEO of a print and design company in Pontiac, Michigan. Free checked luggage is a common perk for many branded credit cards, but what if you have the wrong card? Pay attention to the disclosure.

10 Things for Families To Do in Honolulu

travel with young kids enjoyable – for everyone – are the same in Honolulu as anywhere else. Carry snacks, make sure the children get enough sleep, and schedule time for them to run around and get some physical activity...

5 Family-Friendly Lake Tahoe Activities That Do not Involve Snow

(April 2019)Lake Tahoe may be famous for its good snow conditions and winter sports enthusiasts, but with a rich history and an abundance of natural resources, it holds treasures for everyone. And thank goodness for that, because it can be hard to find activities that...